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Aggressive Personal Injury Attorneys

Los Angeles Catastrophic Injury Representation

A serious injury can permanently change your life. By limiting your abilities, an injury can prevent you from working and being able to earn a living, while also bringing unique challenges to your entire family. If someone else's negligence or intentional conduct caused your injury, it is important that you speak with an experienced personal injury attorney to learn about your right to obtain just recompense or adequate monetary compensation against the responsible parties.

At the Law Offices of David S. Lin, we help California personal injury victims hold careless and/or reckless individuals and entities fully and legally accountable for their actions by aggressively pursuing compensation for our clients, attempting to make them whole. After building a solid case based on the facts, recognizing both the strengths and weaknesses of our case, we will seek all appropriate monetary damages, including medical expenses, lost wages and future medical costs for ongoing and continuing treatment. While we can't erase your injury, we can help you deal with the financial strain that your changed life situation or scenario may bring and, at a minimum, ease the financial difficulties in the future through recovery of proper monetary payment to compensate you for such personal injuries sustained.

Experienced Personal Injury Litigation

Our firm provides litigation representation for clients hurt in a range of personal injury situations, including:

  • Serious car or automobile accidents
  • Serious bodily injuries sustained at residential or commercial properties or construction sites
  • Serious motorcycle-related accidents
  • Serious or catastrophic pedestrian accidents
  • Serious bodily injuries arising from injuries caused by defective use of products or goods
  • Wrongful death

Led by proven trial lawyer David S. Lin, we will launch a thorough investigation into your accident. Because evidence can disappear and witness' memories can fade over time, it is best if you call us immediately. We will gather all available evidence and build a strong argument based on the facts unique to your case.

Standing Up for the Injured in California

Meet with our motivated and experienced personal injury lawyers to discuss your case. Call 626-792-9688 or 949-833-7107, or contact our firm online to schedule a free initial consultation. During our first meeting, we will provide a straightforward assessment of your case and explain your available legal options. If you choose to retain our legal services, we will build a strong case aimed at helping you recover fair compensation.

Our regular business office hours are from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday. However, evening and weekend appointments can be scheduled by request. Our primary office is located on the corner of Lake Avenue and Green Street in Pasadena. Our secondary office is on the corner of Jamboree Road and Main Street in the Toyota Office Building in Irvine.

Additional languages spoken: Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese dialects) and Taiwanese.

We accept Visa and MasterCard.

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